Thursday, January 7, 2010

Training tools for 2010

I wanted to switch gears for a minute and talk about some gadgets...

The first great new tool I recieved for the New Year was a Garmin 310XT, courtesy of my supportive girlfriend, Jamie, as a holiday present. The thing is great, and perfect for someone who both runs and bikes (it's also fully waterproof, but loses GPS & HR signal under water). I can not only track my HR, speed, cadence (running and biking), pace, elevation, and position; I can play it all back in my house and see exactly where I was when I was doing everything I did. If I get a power meter for the bike, I will have access to nearly every pertinent piece of data from my training. Very cool!
The other major tool I now have, again thanks to Jamie for getting me a great birthday present, is an Ironman Body Composition Monitor. It takes the bathroom scale to the next level, and gives me an honest look into what's really going on inside my body. My first step on it was today (shipping took a while, so it was a few days late for the celebration), and it gave me some good news as well as some things to work on. The good news is, I said I was getting younger this year, and apparently, I was right: my metabolic age is 17! Here's the rest of my results:
Weight: 166.8
Body Fat: 13.5% (expected; I ate a little too good over the holidays and took a long break after the marathon, and my tummy is soft for the first time in my memory)
Water: 59.2% (I knew I'd be a bit dehydrated, but I really have to start drinking more! Just shows that thirst really is not a good sign if you don't know how to process it)
Physical rating: 5 (out of ten; this should change greatly, I hope, over the next few months)
Bone Weight: 7.2
Visceral Fat: 3 (out of 59); means I have almost no bad fat around my abdominal organs. Yippie!

Needless to say, I'm real excited about all the training tools I have for 2010. This monitor and my 310 will really help me keep an eye on my body and fitness as the season progresses, and starting out in a relative state of relaxation has given me lots to shoot for. I have 16 weeks to build some muscle, lose some fat, and get ready for spring! I'll post any new updates along with future blogs.

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